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How to properly maintain your septic

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How to properly clean and maintain your septic tank?

To understand the problem, it is important to know that a septic tank is an individual sewage treatment system used when you are not connected to the sewer system. It contains specific living organisms (enzymes and bacteria) that feed and digest rejects. These organisms live through this waste and reproduce in the pit.

After taking a shower, nauseating odors come back from the pipe? Do not look, it comes from your septic tank. Often invisible because covered with lawn or soil, the maintenance of your septic tank must however be done regularly. To ensure the proper functioning of your installation and extend its life, follow these few maintenance tips:

It is recommended to drain the septic tank every 4 years on average, but you can adjust the frequency depending on the occupancy rate and the number of inhabitants.

Tip: Pour old-fashioned plain yoghurt into your toilet to activate the bacteria that will help clean your pit.

Never dispose of toxic products or any other products that are difficult to decompose in your septic tank and limit the use of cleaning products such as bleach and detergents.

The gestures to avoid

It will avoid certain habits or reflexes that could lead to the death of bacteria and therefore the total inactivity of the septic tank. Certain elements should not be put in contact with the bacteria and therefore with the water that is treated by the septic tank :

  • Avoid putting chlorinated agents, such as bleach
  • Avoid chemicals
  • Avoid antibiotics

Avoid cleaning products that are not compatible with septic tanks (see labels)
Limit chemical detergents, especially those in powder form. To reduce the amount used, you can associate it with an anti-limescale ball, balls of threshing or replace the chemical laundry by nuts of washes. Similarly, apart from the toilet paper, nothing else will have to be put in the septic tank (hair,, coffee filter, wipe, bandages, oils ...) at the risk of the latter getting clogged.

The big interview

The septic tank must be drained regularly, so that the mud does not exceed half its height.

This emptying will be done by a professional, every 2-3 years or every 4 years if the septic tank does not accommodate greywater.The grease trap must be cleaned every 3 to 6 months.


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